Open MultiBoxing (Opensource, safe, free, Multiboxing)


Open Source, rules compliant, multiboxing or dual-boxing.

OpenMultiBoxing (Open Source, safe, Multiboxing)

This is an extension of the project started for World of Warcraft multiboxing (WowOpenBox but that applies to any kind of Windows game or app, including browser games (but still without input broadcasting/not breaking any rules).

See the installation and instructions and check the Game menu and “Capture foreground window” option.

Use the Game menu to select your Game and/or check the Capture using foreground window:

Game Menu screenshot

Capture foreground screenshot

You can then use the (configurable) hotkey Ctrl-Shift-C to capture whichever window you want. After which your game name should be recorded in the Game menu and you can stick to normal Auto Capture (Options Menu).

OpenMultiboxing is known to work with:

And more… try and report your experience so we can add to this list!

This version, unlike the WowOpenBox one which doesn’t have any broadcasting capability, does

OMB 5.2 screenshot

Currently it can broadcast any text/string (like your login password) and left mouse clicks.